School of Psychology Seminar: ”Satiety: The Integration of Cognition, Sensory and Nutritional signals”

School of Psychology will be holding a seminar in a few weeks, where Professor Martin Yeomans  from University of Sussex will give a very interesting talk on the integration of cognition, sensory and nutritional signals on satiety signalling.

DateWednesday 25th November 

Time: 1-2pm

Venue: Gisbert Kapp N225

 martin yeomansSpeaker: Professor Martin Yeomans (University of Sussex)

Title: Satiety: The Integration of Cognition, Sensory and Nutritional signals.

Abstract: There is still widespread belief that satiety, the suppression of appetite after eating, is purely a consequence of the effects of ingested nutrients.  A wide variety of behavioural data challenge this basic view of satiety.  Building on the satiety cascade idea first proposed by Blundell and Tremblay, this talk highlights a variety of lines of recent evidence arising from human experimental studies of satiety that demonstrate how subtle changes in the way foods and drinks are labelled and experienced alter the experience of satiety.  A key concept is “honest signalling”: the idea that the nutritional content of foods has to be signalled at the point of consumption for consumers to be able to adjust their subsequent intake, an idea that challenges the traditional approach to development of diet products.  This research demonstrates the import role of expectations and orosensory processing in generating satiety, and shows how top-down control of the gut has been largely overlooked as an important component of satiety.

Host: Dr Suzanne Higgs