Ingestive Behaviour Group Talk: Wednesday 30th Sep, 10 am, Frankland 309b

Our first Ingestive Behaviour Seminar Series talk will be next Wednesday (30th September) at 10am in Room 309b in Frankland Building

Angela Meadows will be giving a talk on: ‘’Anti-fat attitudes: when do we internalize them and when do we fight back? A model of individual response to societal weight stigma among fat individuals‘’

Abstract: Early researchers of social stigma believed that membership in a stigmatized group would inevitably be accompanied by internalization of society’s negative attitudes and reduced self-esteem. However, this relationship is often not seen in practice, with some studies even reporting higher self-esteem in the stigmatized group compared with the non-stigmatized majority. This differential response to societal stigmatization has important implications for health and well-being. For example, internalized weight stigma is an independent predictor of both mental and physical health impairment and has been shown to both moderate and mediate the relationship between BMI and reduced health-related quality of life. In contrast, research among the Size Acceptance community suggests that “coming out as fat” is associated with a sense of empowerment and improved psychological and physical well-being. Psychological.Psychological and behavioral response to stigma fall on a continuum, ranging from internalization and reduced well-being at one end to empowerment and engagement in collective action at the other. Building on Social Identity Theory, I will test a model of differential response to stigma in a fat population. Implications for the development of a size acceptance intervention, aimed at improve the health and well-being of heavier individuals, will be discussed.